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Poole, Dorset

Dorset Art Weeks (26th May – 10th June 2018) – Artist 314

For my location, studio address, times of opening and all information please go to https://www.dorsetartweeks.co.uk/directory/list/1/elizabeth-williams Please note there was an admin error and I am not listed in the brochure Excitement is building for the event featuring all the local artists... Read More

When Mermaids Cry

As a lover of the coast and the sea I am so happy that the government is backing the reduction of plastics in bottles and packaging etc, that are polluting our planet. Sadly a lot of it ends up in... Read More

First Post

Just starting this blog page to keep you all updated on what I have been up to! Whoever thought the life of an artist could be interesting?  Well, I have now bowed to pressure and this will hopefully mean I... Read More