Just starting this blog page to keep you all updated on what I have been up to!

Whoever thought the life of an artist could be interesting?  Well, I have now bowed to pressure and this will hopefully mean I can stop replying to all those emails.  I hope nobody thought I was ignoring them – its surprising how busy life gets.

At the outset I hope to entertain you from time to time, with snippets relating to what I am working on, places I go, people I see and generally help you to understand what makes me tick…I might also promote my art if I get a chance.

Not long ago, the Chief Executive of Artfinder (an online market place) the site’s Swedish chief executive Jonas Almgren insists Artfinder is more like OK Cupid than eBay “We are more of a dating site than an ecommerce site, even though we are setting you up with an artwork”.

This paradigm shift in how art sells, reminds me how I was recently interviewed by a new online gallery called ArtMarketDirect, run by a really innovative, charming, handsome and funny chap called Lloyd.  (thanks for the interview Lloyd x)

The site charges very fair commissions, unlike almost all of the others that I know of and the poor old artist has to pay for the shipping too!  At least someone – also an artist- is in our corner.

You can see the interview here.